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All that running around throughout the day takes a toll. The modern way of life is hectic with very few quiet times in between. The search for ways to destress has never been so fervent. Here, we can take a leaf out of our ancestor’s book. The book of nature with all its little secrets. Generations of humans from all cultures, countries, and climates have made use of plants and minerals in medicines and for relaxation. This knowledge has not been lost, despite the appearance of extremely effective medicines in modern times; natural extracts are still widely used in essential oils & aromatherapy. Apart from keeping stress at bay, there are a plethora of Aromatherapy benefits you can tap into....

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Leave Your Mood Swings to the Force of Fragrance

There are days when you feel like a conqueror. A tour-de-force. When nothing can stop you from seizing the moment. And later on the same day, you feel lethargic. Beaten down and tired. Where you are just waiting for the watch to signal Bed o’clock.   Mood swings happen to each one of us. These are noticeable aberrations in our emotional state which can swing from slight and manageable on end of the spectrum to extreme and disruptive on the other. Some mood swings will put you in a highly functional state of mind where every problem spells a solution.   While others will render you incapable of even leaving the comforts of your bed. Hence it becomes very critical...

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