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It is an endeavour to redefine the conventional bathing experience, with a starting line-up of shower gels.
A good, warm shower or bath can do a lot more than just aid in cleanliness. Research proves that it works as a mood lifter and soothes the senses after a long and tiring day or even refreshes before the start of one. Keeping that in mind, we have conceptualized a range of products that do a lot more than cleansing. They are a beauteous harmony of aromatherapy and therapeutic essential oils, which transform your showers into nothing less than an exotic spa experience.
The Bath Company has been parented by the Hymech Engineers Private Ltd.
Hymech Engineers which was established in 1983 are manufacturers of bottling and packaging machinery for soft drinks, brewery, distillery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
Our products have been created using natural extracts and essential oils. FDA-certified, with our offerings we aim to make self-care and self-love a way of life It’s time to rethink what a good rundown in the shower or tub can do to your body and mood, with us, THE BATH COMPANY.


Inspired from

Whilst on the lookout for a natural body wash in the market, we realized most shower gels were not focusing on the Indian skin. The imported brands didn’t seem to suit the Indian skin type. Even if we went in for an imported body wash, we would not find the same variant again and all variants never found availability in the market. Further to that was finding the right product for our daughter that led us to exploring the hygiene space further. Having a background in the bottling space we felt that what we put on our body is going to be the need of the hour couple of years down the line given the skin issues in our countries and demand for hygiene and cleanliness increasing.

We started playing Einstein in devising a product that is honest to the Indians and designed for the Indian skin. Popular belief that Indian products may not be of the best quality, our aim was to ensure we are offering a shower gel that speaks for itself in the market. In our search, we chose to offer exotic fragrances instead of the regular one, which have a long lasting, scent and give you the fresh feels. 
Our underlying goal has been to ensure constant availability of all our variants. Ensuring that hygiene is met at all costs. Go home-grown – Go Indian!
Do you know your product? How to test your product?
- Notice for rashes or redness on your skin.
- Observe the implication of everything used on your skin over a week to know what type of elements suit your skin type.
- Be sure the expiry date on your product is legit and rewritten products do not fool you.

Hygiene and cleanliness have found an attraction for the past couple of years and only seems to be gaining more importance.

The Bath Co. envisions contributing towards better hygiene for a longer period through your 24 hours.
Changing the habit
Most of India is still a user of soap bars. For that matter, new age companies continue to produce natural soap bars however research suggests that using soap is harmful for the skin and peels off the protective layer of the skin hence shifting to body wash is ideal. Using a shower gel is safer, keeps the nutrients of the skin layer intact and thus protected from rashes allergies etc. We aim to create more awareness of the benefits using a shower gel and changing the mind-set of a household towards better hygiene.